Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy and Dumb

More and more each day, I consider deleting my facebook account.  The following sentence is an unedited, unchanged, verbatim post, written by an acquaintance of mine who is about to be de-friended:

Old habits are hard to brake sumtimes but I’m goin 2 brake this one no matter how hard it maybe

Again, I did not add, take away from, or edit this post in any way.  So I'm reading this, and I look at your profile picture, and you just a-smilin’.  Just happy.  Happy to be damn dumb. 

So, old habits are hard to brake huh?  Maybe you shouldn’t drive them so fast, and they wouldn’t be so hard to brake. 

I’m not even gonna touch on ‘sumtimes.’ It’s almost as bad as when people say they’re about to ‘cum’ over.  Please stop it.

No matter how hard it maybe….  Maybe what Suga?  Maybe you’re dumb as fuck and should have paid a little more attention in English class? 

I promise yall the page is coming down.  I feel like I get dumber every time I read some shit like this.  I just wanna reach through the screen and bam their heads against the keyboard.  The world really does not need any more people like you, as you are probably the result of poor breeding.  

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