Thursday, January 12, 2012

All Uptight Thinking About Racist Shit

I can't.

Today I was checking my facebook account, and some religious freak posted a YouTube video entitled:  Yoga is a Gateway to Hinduism, Satanic Worship, and the Occult.

Seriously............I almost don't have the energy to write this one.  These people are the bane of our fucking existence.  They seem to search for new ways to be insane, new ways to hate another group of people, and new ways to pretend that something perfectly innocent, is wrong and sinful.  See Women In Pants for another example of this tom-foolery.

So you're trying to tell me that a form of EXERCISE that promotes peace, tranquility, muscular strength and balance, is of the devil?  Well damn.   Is Zumba ok?  Can I Zumba, or did Satan's little sister make that up?  I imagine Dance Trance is out, too.

What kills me is that the same people who declare that Yoga is of the devil and that women shouldn't wear pants, are the same ones sending damn dick pics to college students and wearing their wives' panties when she isn't home.  I can't stand these freaks.  You don't even get a bird classification anymore.  You don't deserve it.  I gotta come up with a new category for you lunatics.

I'm beside myself tonight yall.

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