Friday, January 13, 2012

We Don't Need You Natural

Some people require mental and/or emotional medication to maintain a normal lifestyle.  Despite what you may think, I actually support this.

I support this for two reasons:  1.  You have recognized and accepted the fact that you're a rare bird, and you need some help.  This is O. K.  If more people would just own up to it, there'd be no need to check in as much.

The second reason I support this is because, Sweetheart, we don't need you natural.  When you're natural, you do stupid shit like steal cars or rob banks.  When you're natural, you start obeying those little voices in your head.  When you're natural, you keep telling me the same stories, over and over again.

I have absolutely no problem with you consuming as much medication as you need to feel normal.  Some rare birds were born this way, so they can't help it.  I am just proud that you are taking the steps you need to get better, and to help make the world a safer, saner place.

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