Friday, January 13, 2012

Beyond Scared Straight

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is Beyond Scared Straight.  It is all about these little bad ass teenagers being taken to jail for a day, and essentially, getting the shit scared out of them.  The inmates get in their faces, yell at them, take their shoes, make them do push-ups, and sometimes even make them cry.  It is AWESOME.

I have just one problem with this TV show, and that is that they won't leave their little asses there overnight.  Let 'em see what the business really is.  Bunk them up with a dude who's serving 20 to life.  When it's time for lights out, put their ass in a cell, close the door, and walk away.  Make their parents sign waivers so they can't sue the jail.

Now this, this will scare their little punk asses straighter than that fake ass, restricted yelling the inmates do currently.  I still don't understand why the inmates hold back anyway.  Dude, you've got life.  What else can they do to you?

Even though the kids crack and breakdown during the show, on some core level they know that these prisoners can't do anything to them for real.  They know that there's only so far they can go with them.  You need to let the inmates take it as far as they want to.  I promise you, they'll never bring their little asses back to prison again.  Bitch, after just one overnight visit, those little monsters will be saying "Yes maam," "No maam," "Yes sir," "No sir," "Please" and "Thank You."  The smart ones, however, will simply offer themselves to the inmates, and avoid the thrashing their peers are getting in the next cell over.

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