Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picturing You On Top Of Me

I'm really going to do my best to explain this without losing yall.  This post is directed mainly towards the good guys who can't seem to get the women they want.

A man can have a whole lot of things going for himself.  He can have a good job, a functional automobile, a home or apartment, good credit, no criminal background, reasonable height, so forth and so on.

These men put in sincere effort to pursue decent women they think would make good wives.  These men experience distress, however, when these same women turn them down.  They think they've done everything right.  You will usually hear these men saying things like "You women don't want a good man." or "Yall want a man to dog you out." or "Nice guys finish last."  I'm here to break the sad news to you that none of the aforementioned statements are true.  The simple truth, fellas, is that she simply cannot picture you on top of her.

For whatever reason, she can't picture you pumping and thrusting her, now or ever.  She can't picture your facial expressions.  She can't picture your grunts and groans.  It probably turns her stomach a little bit.

Now, some people will argue with me that sex isn't or shouldn't be the most important thing, but if we're two single people who are hitting it off and really seem to be compatible, like it or not, eventually it will lead to sex, and everyone knows that good sex is extremely important in a relationship.

If the thought of you on top of her makes her flesh crawl and makes her uterus want to retract into her lower intestines, it's never going to happen for you.  I'm sorry, but this is just reality.  Those 'bad boys' you see her with gave her great mental imagery, and that's why she's with him.

Look at you, you learned something today!  And just to be clear, she can't picture you behind her, either.

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