Sunday, January 29, 2012

Online Dating Tips (For Men)

Many well-intentioned men have trouble securing dates in the online arena.  This post is dedicated to them, and will hopefully shine some light on the blind spots in their dating pursuits.

Often times, guys, it's the little things that turn a woman off.  Please review the list below, and if any of the following behaviors plague your online dating profile, correct them, and watch the women roll in!

1.  She can't see your eyes.  A lot of men like to wear sunglasses in their pictures.  This is fine, as long as you've got some photos posted that show your eyes.  If a woman can't see your eyes, she can't trust you.  Do you trust a person whose eyes you cannot see?  Why are you wearing glasses indoors anyway?  Are your eyes bloodshot?  Are they squinty or too close together?  Are they crossed?  You see the list of questions this behavior generates?  Take those glasses off and let her see your eyes, Suga.

2.  You don't capitalize your own name.  You may not realize it, but this is a sign of your self-confidence, or lack thereof.  If you don't think you're important enough to capitalize your own name, why should she?  It is also a sign of laziness, because you can't be bothered to simply push 'Shift.'  If you are lazy regarding yourself, I'm sure you are lazy in other areas as well.

3.  Poor Language Arts skills.  Although this is the information/technology age, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation still matter.  If you are a grown man still using broken English, this is a poor reflection of your intelligence and overall character.  Further, a smart woman will want a smart man raising her children.  She has to trust that those bedtime stories will be read correctly, and pass down good language habits to her children.  If I ever hear my husband pronounce 'though' as 'doe' to my kids, the marriage is over.

4.  Women in pictures.  A woman does not have time to determine rather or not that woman in the photo with you is your sister, mother, niece, coworker, best friend, aunt, etc.  If you give the illusion that you are already surrounded with women, a woman will think there's no room for her, and move on to the next profile.  Plus, we can all see that you think you're the cock-of-the-walk, and it's not working.  Please stop.

5.  Inappropriate pictures.  Similar to having women in your photographs, pictures of you with your shirt off or holding guns are probably not going to appeal to the respectable woman.  Your inbox may fill with women of a lesser caliber, but not the type of women you'd want to marry.  It's all about what you're trying to attract.  Furthermore, all I can visualize is you reaching for one of those guns when you get good and pissed off with me, and you probably won't have a shirt on when you do it.

6.  Unflattering pictures.  These are the infamous bathroom pics, or the one-sided, one-angled photo that even you know is not attractive.  You justify these photos by saying things like, "Well if a woman really wants me for me, this picture shouldn't matter."  Well, it does matter.  It is all about breeding, you know, and a woman wants to make sure she gives her children the best chance possible.  The shape of your head and the knock of your knees matter.  Be fair in giving a woman a fair chance in deciding who she wants to mate with.

7.  Telling the woman off.  So many men in their online dating profiles, proceed to tell off each woman who visits the page.  They present a dissertation devoted to who they DON'T want to contact them, and by the end of it, have eliminated every woman on earth.  I'm pretty sure their inboxes sit empty.  There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want, but your current presentation is very off-putting to the average woman.  Hell, it's off-putting to the average person. You sound uptight, rigid, and unforgiving.  Ask yourself, "Would I wanna hang out with me after reading my profile?"

8.  Inappropriate screen name.  Screen names that reflect your loneliness, your private bedroom habits, or your anger at the world, say more about you and your mental state than your profile does.  Women like mature, reasonable men.  If your screen name includes any body part, you are probably not the man for her.  Names like breakherbackin44, kingdingaling69, and pleaselovemexoxoxo are not whistling Dixie.  You might be a great person, but your screen name might as well be a big red 'X' on your forehead.

In closing, while it is important to be yourself, be aware that doing so has consequences that you may not desire.  At best, the women you want will not visit your page.  At worst, you will attract the women you don't want, and quite possibly, create a lifetime of headaches because of it.  The choice is yours.  What kind of woman do you want in your life?

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