Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Energy To Sit

I found myself daydreaming today, and as I looked around the room, I noticed the abundance of coffees, red bulls, full throttles, and 5 hour energy drinks.  I also noticed that every single person drinking them was in the process of sitting.  And they remained in that process for roughly 8 hours, barring a few breaks here and there.

Isn't it sad that as a country, we have reached a place where we have to boost ourselves up to sit down.  You would think the opposite would be true; that sitting should be an easy task that doesn't require much energy.  Unfortunately, all or most of us have been funneled into jobs that require the use of our minds and not our bodies.  I say unfortunately because, our minds are almost always never being put to good use.  We are usually repeating the same meaningless tasks, over and over again unto infinity.  

I think it's amazing that our minds simply won't have it, and refuse to adapt to our new lifestyles.  They show us that they aren't having it by shutting down on us day after day, and forcing us to crack-out on energy enhancers, no matter how many hours of sleep we've gotten.  

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