Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Women In Pants

So, some religious freak the other day was ranting and raving and getting all uptight about women wearing pants.  They basically said it was a sin.

I never get angry with these kinds of people, for they too are rare birds.  More often, I'm intrigued by their lunacy, and always like to know how/why they have come to these conclusions.  So I Googled it.

What I found was absolutely fascinating.  This guy basically said that women shouldn't wear pants because they 'tempt' men, in the form of drawing the eye to the crotch area.  When women wear skirts and dresses, the eye is drawn to the face.

At first this made sense to me, but then I got to thinking....Wait the fuck a minute, draw eyes to our crotch, what about their  crotch???  I have seen more balls and dicks bunched up in men's pants than I'd ever care to.  AND they have the nerve to sit with their legs wide open so everyone can see that funky little mess.  If anyone should be in skirts, it's them!!  I imagine it's rather uncomfortable trying to negotiate which ball will go where, and how to keep everything in line down there.  A skirt would solve their problems immediately.

We gotta think people.

1 comment:

  1. Women should wear pants, regularly, as it causes you guys to become more involved with how your derriere looks in them, and forget totally that you've accentuated the camel toe. Please rock the apple bottoms, with their lifting technology. Stretch jeans are like ass bras for most- with the lifting and seperating. Yes, PLEASE, Please wear white, stretch jeans like on all the cheesy Miami-based cop shows. That way, I dont have to use my xray vision to see if you're into thongs or nothing at all. Yes, ladies. Where the pants. And hopefully, you'll get so fed up with pervs like me, you'll go back to wearing skirts...which creates the easy access fantasies that every man breathing loves to rub one out to.

    Thank you.