Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smile, Sweetie

The world of online dating intrigues me.  Aside from the fact that it's filled with precious, rare birds, it gives you the unique opportunity to see how people choose to present themselves to the world.

One form of presentation that really tickles me are the men who don't smile in their pictures.  They really expect a woman to write and/or respond to them with that sad little look on their faces.

What's wrong, Suga?  Somebody run over your puppy?  Life got ya down?  Why in the world would I wanna hang out with you when you look like any minute now, you're going to end it all?

And again, these will be the same men saying that "Women don't know what they want," or "Yall don't know a good man when you see one."  Well, yes I do, and he is usually smiling when I see him.  Further, I can't picture your non-smiling ass on top of me, as you will probably be depressed in the bedroom as well.

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