Friday, January 13, 2012

Put Your Shirt Back On, Suga

The following epidemic is highly related the phenomenon of the dick pic.  It is the problem of men with their shirts off in their internet profile pictures.

Now, as young ladies, we were brought up to maintain a degree of modesty.    We were taught not to reveal too much, and to leave something to mystery.  This is good advice.

This advice also applies to your shirtless ass.  Baby, I don't want to see that.  I actually really enjoy imagining what a guy looks like up under his shirt, especially that tall, fine one.  I like looking at the way a man's shirt falls across his shoulders, and if I can picture him on top of me, I enjoy pretending taking said shirt off.

However, when you're standing in the mirror, sucking your stomach in, trying to flex, and trying to pretend that you don't have man-titties,  I am beyond appalled.

This also applies to men who have nice bodies.  When you post shirtless pics of yourself, you have literally taken all of my fun away.  I have nothing to look forward to but that damn dick, and as you all may know by now, I don't find them beautiful.  Useful, yes.  Beautiful, no.  Women have lots of stuff for yall to look at.  We only get chest and dick to daydream about.  Mother Nature really shortchanged us in this department.

With that said, leave a little to the imagination fellas.  You'll probably find yourself attracting a higher pedigree of woman.

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