Wednesday, January 11, 2012

China Is Poised For Takeover

Yes.  China IS poised for takeover.  And why is this?  It's because the majority of our citizens are dumb-as-fuck.  You can tell the majority of our citizens are dumb as fuck by the screening exams you have to take when applying for a job.  As you sit there answering the questions, you think to yourself, "Surely, nobody is this stupid."  Oh, but they are.

Believe it or not, even with the abundance of available, unemployed people, there is not an abundance of available, unemployed smart people.  And for the record, a college degree does not automatically make one smart.  It just means you followed directions well enough to be awarded this shoddy little piece of paper.  This expensive, shoddy little piece of paper.  Smart comes from within.  Education perfects it.

I used to teach, so trust me, I know what's out there.  Hell, even McDonald's is having a hard time staffing people, cause you're so dumb you might undercook the patties and kill somebody.

We need to watch this and take it very seriously, because while we're all over here passing kids through and letting them drop out en masse, China is busy cracking the whip on their kids and a-massing their armies.  Personally, I'm gonna brush up on my Mandarin, and when they finally show up, I'm going to offer myself to them.

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