Saturday, January 21, 2012


There was a point in time when I was very passionate about politics.  I would allow myself to get all riled up and uptight about the goings-ons in the world.

Not anymore.

If you haven't figured it out already, both world and national politics are farkakte, and we are all essentially fucked.  

We are fucked because the world leaders are basically a bunch of adult-sized teenagers, hell-bent on having their own way.  Cooperation and negotiation might as well be four-letter-words.  Not only are our leaders immature, they are also insane.  This is not a winning combination.  Much like the religious freaks who bitch about what kind of exercise you participate in and what kind of clothes you wear, our political leaders don't even deserve a bird classification.  If we all had good sense, we would fire every last one of them and bring in some fresh blood.  And just to be clear, I want everyone from EVERY party fired.  They have all lost their minds.

I admire the people who have participated and continue to participate in movements like 'Occupy Wall Street.'  While other people call them "radical" and "hippies," I call them change-makers.  All change that has taken place in this world was brought about by people like them.  Go team, go, and don't let anyone deter you.

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