Friday, January 13, 2012

Killing Yourself In The Gym

Today, we learned all about how the different joints and ligaments in the body wear down over time.  We were discussing the various activities/lifestyles that cause these parts to wear down faster than your average bear.

What troubled me most about this discussion, is the fact that 98% of the activities mentioned were athletic in nature.  They included swimming, running, hiking, weight lifting, jogging, so forth and so on.

And then it hit me.

Yall are killing yourselves in the gym.  Here they are, telling us that we need to get active and that we need to move more, but in all actuality, we don't!  Yeah okay, keep right on doing all those push-ups.  You're gonna grind that rotator cuff to smithereens.  Keep right on jogging your 16 miles a day.  Them knees ain't gonna be worth shit in 10 years.

You see my friends, the body just wasn't designed to do all that.  There is a reason you don't like going to the gym- it's because your body knows better.  It can only do so much.  Hell, each heart only has a certain number of beats assigned to it, why you wanna waste 'em on a treadmill?  I say we all just learn to eat healthier and leave that damn gym alone.  

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