Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poor Breeding

Now, I've proposed the following theory to Monica many times, and I think only recently is she finally starting to believe me.

We have a high population of strange, rare little birds on this earth because of the high frequency of poor breeding amongst humans.  People back in the day used to care about quality.  They used to hand-pick their children's mates, and they would base it off of various characteristics such as wealth & stability, family history, HEIGHT, strength, and numerous other factors.  Some people even went so far as to keep it in the family to ensure quality control.

Nowadays, we breed with just anyone.  We'll allow just any old sperm to fertilize just any old egg, and what do we get when that happens?  That's right kids! Rare damn birds.  You don't see championship, prize-winning dogs mating with mutts, do you?  They won't even cross-breed with other championship dogs unless they're purposely trying to create a new breed.  They are concerned about Pedigree.  When did we stop caring about pedigree?  We need to start concerning ourselves about pedigree again because....

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