Monday, January 9, 2012

The Unchecked Mind

Let's kick start this blog with one of my favorite theories: The Unchecked Mind.  I think one of the biggest problems we have in the world today is the problem of the unchecked mind.  There are far too many people walking around on planet earth, whose minds are not being properly checked on.  What I mean by this is, no one is ever stopping to ask these babies, "How ya doin?"  "Whatcha been thinking about lately?" "Whatcha been thinking about doing?"  "Who ya been thinking about killing?"

TV shows like 'Snapped' prove this to us.  I recently saw an episode where this 19 year old girl's line of reasoning really was:  "Well, if I kill my mom, then I can clean it up and wait for my dad to get home, then I'll kill him too, then I'll go to school tomorrow and I'll kill Carlos."

Hmmm......see, if someone had been checking in with this baby, perhaps they could have redirected her thought process towards something more productive.  Something less murderous.  Luckily (?), she only was successful in killing her mom.

Now I'm not trying to make light of the fact that someone's life has been lost.  I'm trying to bring light to the fact that this little fool was somewhere thinking about this shit, and no one knew.  Probably wrote her off as a "normal kid" who didn't get in trouble, so no one checked in on her, and wham- we've got a body.  You're probably thinking of numerous other examples of people who, if someone had just asked, may not have done what they did.  All it takes sometimes is a little redirection and a look on a friend's face that reads, "What the Fuck!?" to snap someone out of it instead of having them snap on your ass.

So the moral of this very first blog post is: Check in with people.  Doesn't matter who it is, check in.  Ask them how they're doing and what they've been thinking about lately.  You just might save a life.

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