Sunday, February 12, 2012


No comedy here, folks.

Shout out and much respect to one of the greatest voices that has ever graced this lowly little planet.  We truly weren't worthy, but you sojourned with us for a short while anyway.

Thank you, Whitney Houston, for your contribution.  I literally grew up listening to you.  You will be remembered properly by your fans

On a side note, we really have to start treating our living legends and cultural icons better.  We lift them up on these pedestals, then seem to take pleasure in tearing them down and running them into early graves.  Then we mourn as a nation and have nothing but good things to say about them.  Please stop it.  Please stop lifting up popcorn artists who have no real talent whatsoever, and disrespecting those who came before these little piss-ants and paved the way.  Make them prove themselves!

I'm done.

This blog will take a moment of silence in honor of the legend and the great talent we just lost.  Posts will resume on Monday.

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