Friday, February 10, 2012

Living Rocks

Recently, I was horrified to discover that a type of plant exists called "The Living Rock."

Now, Monica knows that I don't really like organic patterns or fungal things that appear in nature like mushrooms and's very hard to explain, but I will attempt to do so in a later post.  Just understand that it makes my flesh crawl.

At any rate, I was in a plant nursery the other day looking for some bamboo.  As I was wandering through the aisles, I came across this disgusting little plant called a 'Living Rock.' What's so gross about it, is that it really does look like a rock, but you're actually a leaf the chose to grow all rock-like and square and brainy looking and just........just fucking wrong.  The whole concept is repulsive.

There was a sign on it that said "This Little Plant Will Get A Lot Of Attention!"

Not from me, because seeing some nasty shit like that everyday would surely make me lose my appetite.

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