Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mob Wives

I love the TV show Mob Wives, because it gives the whole world an opportunity to see that 'ghetto' comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

On tonight's episode, one of the main character's daughters asked her so innocently, "Mommy, have you ever been in a fight?" *Record screeches to a halt*

The producers were then kind enough to flash back all of the recent altercations this woman has been in.  As she sat there with this shook look on her face, I wanted to pull her little girl to the side and say,

"Sweetheart, that's all mommy does.  And often.  Mommy likes to fight!"

Her mother managed to avoid the conversation altogether, as she got a phone call from her incarcerated ex-hubby.

I guess it's best to let a child be a child as long as they can.  In due time, she will discover her mom's thuggery via the internet and endless hours of VH1 playbacks.

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