Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stalker Acquistion

People often ask me why I don't go out much or why I won't go on a simple date from time to time when asked. The main reason is because I'm trying to keep my stalker count low.

In this life, you have to know yourself, and you have to know the effect you have on people.  One effect I know for sure that I have on people, is the one that causes them to tell me their life stories within a few short minutes.  The other effect I seem to have is one that generates instant stalkers.

Any time I go out with a man I'm not all that interested in, I almost always acquire a new stalker.  I think it's the mixture of independence, good breeding, and childlessness that makes them think, "She must be the one!"

Well, I'm not.

The next few weeks are usually filled with frantic texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages, trying to determine "where we stand."  Bitch, we don't stand anywhere.  It was one date.

That being said, I turn down more than dates than I agree to, because I'm really not trying to add any more stalkers to the roster.

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