Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Seven Second Analysis

You know how they say a woman knows rather or not she wants to sleep with, deal with, be with, or know a man within a few seconds of meeting him?  Well, this is very true!  What varies are the qualifiers each woman is using within that time frame.  My analysis tends to run along the lines of:

Does this man believe in himself?

Is he independent and resourceful?

Does he appear well-groomed and well-nourished?

Is this man taken?

Does he appear to be disenfranchised?

Is this man a strange, rare bird?

Does his life appear to be dictated by his dick?

Is this a man of confidence?

Do his eyes communicate some degree of lunacy?

Does he have a zest for life?

Is this man even human?

Does this man have good sense?

I really don't think this is asking for much, but apparently it is.  I'm even willing to let go of the whole human thing if I can at least get everything else!  Sheesh.

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