Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wild Rabbits

Personally, I am all for the free birth control initiative.  I went to my local mall today, and left with the conclusion that the earth's population has reached and surpassed anything that is reasonable or necessary.

There are far, far too many human beings on this planet.  This is evident from the drive home in rush hour traffic or from the lines you have to stand in at your local Wal-Mart, and anywhere else for that matter.  And we keep making more.  

We need to get our numbers under control, because eventually, all these little people are going to grow up needing schools and jobs and shelter and FOOD.  And because the breeding efforts have gone awry in general, who exactly are we going to lean on to supply all these needs?  This generation can barely spell.

This is why I tell all of my friends and family to stay healthy- this current crop is not going to be turning out a whole lot of doctors and nurses.  And because there will be so many of them, I am already putting together plans for my cupcake factory, where I can put to work all the little dumb-bunnies who didn't pay attention in school.  All you gotta do is put the gumdrop on the top of the cupcake and send it on down the line.  Easy as pie.

If you were smart, you too would start making advanced plans about how you will capitalize on the abundance of low-skilled humans the world will be overrun with in the very near future.

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