Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Turn Signals

At this point in time, aren't there some very pertinent turn signals that are missing from our motor vehicles?  Things like a 'U-Turn Signal.'  Don't people need to know you're planning on popping a U-ey? I can't tell you how many near-misses I've seen due to the lack of a U-Turn signal.

While we're at it, they need to develop a 'Straight-Across Signal.' Sometimes I don't want to go right or left..sometimes I want to go straight.  Have you ever had the experience of staring at another vehicle wondering what the hell they're about to do?  They're looking at you, you're looking at them...... See, if they had a straight across signal, you'd know what their intentions were.

I should run for President.


  1. I'd vote for you. Twice.

    Hell, I'd been content if the world at large could just master the use of the two basic signals. It's fairly simple and I'm pretty sure the use of turn signals was required on the driver's license test.

    If you get elected will you appoint me as the "Secretary of Homeland Idiocy & Traffic" (or S.H.I.T.)? I will see to it that all offenders experience the pain and suffering of a thousand amputee orphans.

  2. Stan Tron, you will absolutely be the first and only one I call upon to be my Secretary of S.H.I.T!