Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weak Wristed Women

I would like to state again for the record, that my wrath is not reserved for men only.  Women can, and will, get it too.

There is one trait that many women share that drives me absolutely insane, and it is that of the limp wrist.  Upon meeting someone, it is generally customary to give a nice, firm handshake.  Men don't really have a problem in this area.  Women, however, will often offer up the most limp, simple, dead, weak-wristed handshakes one could ever imagine.

I am pretty sure I almost broke this lady's hand the other day because she did not return my shake with an equal and opposite force.  I literally felt ever bone in her hand fold in.

What is up with this?  Is this something they're being told to do?  Is it supposed to be 'dainty?'  Well I guess I missed that memo, because I shake hands like someone who expects to be taken seriously.  Ladies, if you are guilty of this, please stop it.

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