Sunday, March 4, 2012


I really do think we will go down in history as a society that was so advanced, and yet, so effing retarded.  Only in America would we continue to sell and make widely available, a substance called antifreeze.  

Today I caught on episode of Snapped that detailed how a woman killed both of her husbands by slowly poisoning their food with antifreeze.  And because antifreeze is odorless and colorless, it mixes quite well with soups and other clear foods.  But the makers of antifreeze take it one step further by making the shit ever so slightly sweet!  I get odorless and colorless, but why the sweetness?  Do you want people to mistake it for corn syrup??

Now, please tell me why I am able to go pick up some of this death-serum at my local Wal-Mart?  Furthermore, why do people keep attempting this form of murder?  They a l w a y s get caught.  Always!

So yeah, we're one of the greatest societies that ever was, but we continuously #fail when we make it possible for women to serve antifreeze laced lollipops to their husbands.

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