Friday, May 11, 2012


Chevy has been running a lot of commercials for the Volt lately, a gas/electric hybrid that gets 42 miles or more to the gallon.  I usually resist the urge to cave into advertising, but with gas being as high as it is, I had to learn a little bit more.

I stumbled across a YouTube video of an ordinary guy reviewing his new Volt.  He showed us the interior of the car and how its dash is setup, he showed us the trunk space, and even showed us how the car charges.  While it was all very cool and the car itself is very cute, damn all that, can this shit take a hit??  

Really, this is the only relevant question anyone should be asking when it comes to buying a car.  Fuck the brand name or the paint job or the fuel efficiency, Can This Shit Take A Hit?  Some very expensive cars are actually very expensive death traps.  One hit and it's gonna fold up like a candy wrapper.  And let's not even get on the subject of smart cars...  A strong wind looks like it could take one of those away.

Look your dealer square in the eye and ask him this question next time you go car shopping.  Matter of fact, ask them to produce photographs of the same make and model, recently wrecked.  See how they held up.  With all of the non-driving that's happening out there on the road today, you're gonna want this to be your top priority.

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